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IT-Security: It's a Joke (02/08/16 20:00)

It’s not a privacy shield, it’s an accountability shield".  Edward Snowdon on the "privacy" deal of the European Commission

Renewables (01/31/16 13:06)

Ethanol – corn alcohol – won’t take you as far as a gallon of gas. But that doesn’t mean it is isn’t powerful stuff. Politically powerful stuff.

Oil Shocks (01/31/16 13:04)

Respected commenter F. William Engdahl postulates that the world is in for another big oil shock.

Solar Power: Financial Fiascos (01/17/16 17:31)

Germany and Spain have begun to learn that photovoltaics is not the boon it was - and still is - made out to be.

Energy Monopolies (01/17/16 17:28)

Last November the Russian Energy Ministry announced that it will begin test-trading a new Russian oil benchmark. If successful, the Russian crude oil benchmark futures contract traded on Russian exchanges will price oil in rubles and no longer in US dollars. It is part of a de-dollarization move that Russia, China and a growing number of other countries have quietly begun.

Global Growth: No Productivity (01/09/16 15:53)

The world’s largest economies are reporting either negligible productivity growth or a decline in productivity.

Environment: Too Little, Too Late (01/01/16 15:21)

Despite the torrents of self-congratulatory rhetoric currently flooding into the media from politicians and assorted groups of the environmental movement, the latest round of non-solutions are among the most potent forces shoving industrial civilization on its one-way trip to history’s compost bin.

IT-Security: Terminal Vulnerabilities (01/01/16 15:17)

Researchers have detailed an array of vulnerabilities and shoddy design choices with payment terminals used in Europe. These allow a hacker to steal a victim's PIN code and magnetic strip from their card, and even pose as any terminal and send funds to any bank account.

IT-Security: The Secret Surveillance Catalogue (12/22/15 14:19)

Presented without comment.

Energy: The Storage Conundrum (12/22/15 14:17)

"The idea is to keep tankers on the water as long as you can and try to find a stronger market."  Energy trader talking to Reuters


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