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Human Resource: Internet Mystery (12/17/13 11:21)

For the past two years, a mysterious online organization has been setting the world's finest code-breakers a series of seemingly unsolveable problems. Welcome to the world of Cicada 3301.

Energy: Cold Fusion (12/04/13 16:15)

The infamous and highly controversial E-Cat, or Energy Catalyzer, has just been made available for order. For the cost of a McMansion, you could—supposedly—be the proud owner of a cold fusion generator powerful enough to light up your block.

Energy: New Storage (11/30/13 17:23)

Viruses are primarily known as annoying bugs that give us a cold. But US researchers have found a way to employ them in order to improve energy storage, potentially increasing the range of electric cars threefold.

Food Contamination (11/23/13 15:45)

Plastic particles, mainly originating from polyethylene are entering the food chain.  Google Translation

Mobile Foundries (11/23/13 15:42)

With nothing more than makeshift smelters and spent vegetable oil picked up from local cafes, so-called Catadores use empty aluminum cans to produce furniture.

Mobility: Fuel Cells (11/18/13 12:13)

At this year's Tokyo Motor Show in late November, Toyota will unveil a sedan that will be the world's first series-produced fuel-cell car to be sold on the market.

Renewables: Unliever Sees The Light (11/18/13 12:11)

Unilever has announced that all of its palm oil purchases will come from “known sources” by the end of 2014. The commitment is the Rotterdam-based conglomerate’s second to last step on its journey to using only traceable and certified sustainable palm oil by 2020.

Waterfilters (11/06/13 11:34)

A cheap and simple process using natural fibers embedded with nanoparticles can almost completely rid water of harmful textile dyes in minutes.

Environment: Slow Kill (11/03/13 10:25)

Daily activities which contribute to ocean pollution and the depletion of fish stocks are decimating underwater habitats, driving down biodiversity, and have the potential to reduce the populations of certain marine species to irrecoverable extents or down to zero.

Fossil Fuels (10/28/13 08:06)

An agreement between Ukraine and Turkey for the transit of LNG through the Bosporus, as the gateway to the Black Sea, would be a major coup for European energy security.


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