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Energy: The Race Is Getting Hot
Hightech: The Next Industrial Revolution


What is Taskforcing®?

What do you mean by “Project Landscape”?


What do your customers value the most?

What is your energy cost as a percentage of total cost?


Across Sectors
Assistance to the RPC
Restructuring of large loss-making enterprises in order to allow them to operate successfully within a market economy; under a program of the European Commission.

Optimization of Supply Chain
Streamlining of supplier base; network management, warehousing.  Critical Mass concept; national centralization vs regional decentralization

Value Chain Integration for regional market leader
Customer Satisfaction; performance improvement across the supply chain; full supplier integration

Across Sectors
Business Upgrading of 12 medium-sized companies across sectors; under a program of the European Commission

Durable Consumer Goods
Optimization of the entire Value Chain
Diagnosis, Strategy, Action Plan, Implementation, Management Training

Analysis of the Actual State of Affairs / Restructuring of SMEs
Researching full market & competition; analysis of organizational weaknesses; Strategy & Action plan for new value chain lay-out

Project Management
Injection of relevant PM tools; structuring of project.  Know-how transfer

Across Sectors
Restructuring of medium-sized enterprises
Complex Restructuring as well as stand-alone interventions for regional companies across sectors, including Strategic Investor search; under a program of the World Bank


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