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Smog-Gobbling (07/25/14 12:52)

Right now, Milan is gearing up for a huge environmental and sustainability exposition. The Italian Pavilion, armed with an urban forest aesthetic, looks a bit like a freezer-burned ice cube. It's made of biodynamic cement.

Resources: Water Management (07/19/14 13:24)

25 facts about the earth’s dwindling water resources.

Waste Economy (07/13/14 12:24)

The amount of solid waste generated globally will double by the year 2025, up from 3.5 million tons per day to 6 million tons per day, before leveling off sometime after the year 2100 when we'll be producing 11 million tons of trash daily.

Solar Energy (07/13/14 12:23)

Solar panels would be a lot cheaper and abundant if they were made out of plastic instead of silicon--that way, they could be "printed" in a flexible material and easily applied to walls, windows, you name it. Researchers just brought this objective one major step closer.

Renewables: Solar-Wind Energy (06/28/14 15:55)

A 770-meter-high solar-wind hybrid tower will be constructed in Arizona, the tallest freestanding structure in the US.

Renewables: Insect Farming (06/19/14 09:59)

Chefs around the world are hard at work experimenting with insects to make new and appetizing foods.

Environment: Ocean Trash (06/08/14 16:32)

There is heaps of trash all over the ocean floor, no matter where you look.

Renewables: Grass-Eating Bacteria (06/08/14 16:31)

Researchers have made it possible to take switchgrass, a grass widely grown throughout the Midwest, add some bacteria to it, and turn it directly into ethanol.

Environment: Deceptive Clouds (05/22/14 17:48)

Viewed from the ground, airplanes appear clean and efficient. They fly at fantastic speeds with no apparent effort, leaving behind only thin streams of puffy white clouds.

The Poem That Eats Pollution (05/22/14 17:47)

Awesome-looking walls are literally digesting pollutants air via a chemical coating.


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