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Renewables: Quagmire In The Sahara (11/15/12 08:58)

As recently as three years ago, many thought that it was only a matter of time before solar thermal plants in North Africa supplied a significant portion of Europe's energy needs. But Desertec has hit a road block. Industrial backers are jumping ship, political will is tepid and a key pilot project has suddenly stalled.

Education: Cheap Technology (11/14/12 16:33)

India has launched a new version of its ultra-low-cost tablet computer with a quicker processor and an improved battery, on sale to students at the subsidized price of US $20.

Carbon Foot Print: EU Caves In (11/13/12 11:32)

The European Commission caved in to critics of its contested carbon tax on air travel Monday, offering to "stop the clock" and freeze the measure for a year on flights to and from non-European nations.

Redefining Intelligence (11/13/12 11:15)

Scientists have come to understand that slime molds are much smarter than they look. One species in particular, the SpongeBob SquarePants–yellow Physarum polycephalum, can solve mazes, mimic the layout of man-made transportation networks and choose the healthiest food from a diverse menu.

Renewables: Sugar To Diesel (11/11/12 09:25)

A long-abandoned fermentation process once used to turn starch into explosives can be used to produce renewable diesel fuel to replace the fossil fuels now used in transportation.

Bioelectronics: Power From The Ear (11/09/12 17:11)

Scientists at the MIT in Cambridge developed a chip that can exploit the inner ear's electrical potential, which is generated to convert sound into neural impulses.

Renewables: Water (11/06/12 11:50)

The commodification of water may be the quintessential issue of our time.

Renewables: A Dose Of Reality (10/29/12 16:28)

"It is impossible to displace the present fossil-fuel based supersystem in a decade or two—or five, for that matter. Replacing it with an equally extensive and reliable alternative based on renewable energy flows is a task that will require decades of expensive commitment. It is the work of generations of engineers".  Nicole Foss, The Automatic Earth

Hightech: Lacking Innovation (10/27/12 18:13)

According to a German indicator, the country is falling back in innovation--mainly due to a decreasing number of patent registrations.

Renewables: Slaughterhouse Recycling (10/26/12 16:16)

There is research underway that could ensure to convert slaughterhouse waste into plastics--thus not only producing sausages and meats; but the packaging for it as well; as Der Spiegel reports.


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