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Hightech: The Next Industrial Revolution
Energy: The Race Is Getting Hot


What is Taskforcing®?

What do you mean by “Project Landscape”?


What is your energy cost as a percentage of total cost?

What do your customers value the most?


The COP21 Desaster (12/22/15 14:15)

Even James Hansen, the godfather of climate change, calls this deal "A Fraud, It's Bullshit".

Renewables: The Tewari Connection (12/13/15 17:00)

A reactionless AC synchronous generator has been invented by a former Executive Director of the Nuclear Power Corporation of India.The efficiency of this generator is as high as 250%.

IT-Security: Ransomware Is Coming (11/30/15 12:38)

Chest pains send you into convulsions, then stop abruptly. Is something wrong with your pacemaker? As you pant for breath, a message pops up on your phone. "Want to keep living? Pay us a ransom now, or you die."

The Heresy of Technological Choice (11/30/15 12:37)

"The heresy of technological choice is a door. Beyond it lies an unexplored landscape of possibilities for the future—possibilities that very few people have even begun to imagine yet."  John Michael Greer

IT-Security: More Vulnerabilities (11/30/15 12:35)

The world’s oil and gas industry is caught in a slump, with oil prices going up and down and profits in decline. But the industry faces another major problem that's gotten less attention: cyber threats that could threaten the industry’s stability and even worker safety.

Hightech: Formative Internet (11/18/15 12:13)

Is the Internet of Things doomed?

Social Media (10/26/15 16:28)

The social media space is beginning to make one wonder if they’re looking at an iron ore chart, or bulk shipper, rather than “the hottest space it all tech.” i.e., everything social. And it’s just the beginning.

IT-Security: Online Anonymity (09/27/15 18:25)

Unlike Tor's onion routing architecture, which routes internet traffic through a series of "onion layers" to obscure your identity, Dissent implements a dining cryptographers network, or DC-net, which makes possible cryptographically-provable anonymity.

Fate of the Tech Bubble (09/16/15 09:36)

The fate of the bursting tech bubble is in the hands of just one company.

Back to the Future - Or How a Bulletin Board Foretold it (09/16/15 09:34)

An obscure 1985 essay depicts an eerily prescient picture of our dystopic present: mass surveillance, hidden economies, and damaging hacks.


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