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Eyeball-Based Valuations (11/30/14 12:58)

Still paying a #Div/0 valuation for Facebook or Twitter based on expectations of exponential growth in eyeballs, or rather "eyeballs"? Well, think again.

Recycling: No More Trash (11/30/14 12:56)

A woman who produces no trash.

Renewables: Jackie Chan's Solar Panels (11/27/14 15:41)

BluRay discs are good for the subset of the population that still isn’t down with streaming but it turns out they might play another, more environmentally important role in the future: The surface of a BluRay disc also happens to be the perfect thing to make highly efficient solar cells.

Software: God's Operating System (11/27/14 15:38)

TempleOS V2.17 is a "Public Domain Operating System" produced by Trivial Solution. It was build because God told the programer to do so.

Superefficiency: The HashKey (11/27/14 15:34)

Anyone who uses Twitter for work will get lots of mileage out of it for sure.

Internet Giants: Google Break-up? (11/25/14 17:27)

The European Parliament is getting ready to call for a breakup of Google. The draft motion suggests the separation, or "unbundling," of the Internet giant's search engine from its other services.

IT-Security: Another Spyware Found (11/25/14 17:23)

Researchers at Symantec have discovered malware that has been used to spy on individuals, telecoms, and businesses since 2008. The espionage tool, dubbed "Regin", closely resembles Stuxnet, the infamous malware used to sabotage Iran’s nuclear programs in 2010, and therefore is believed to be made by the United States and/or Israel.

Privacy: Snooper Charter (11/25/14 17:12)

A new bill expected would require ISPs in the United Kingdom to keep records of their customers’ IP addresses which would be handed over to police to combat "terrorism, online bullying, suicidal thoughts, and other emergencies".

Quantum Computing (11/23/14 12:49)

Physicists managed to take data packaged into three qubits and stuff it down into a two-qubit container. The road toward something as powerful and daunting as real-world quantum computing is getting littered with proofs of concept.

Oil Spills (11/23/14 12:46)

Ever since the April 2010 disaster on the BP-operated Macondo well in the Gulf of Mexico, there remained one big question: where did the bulk of the oil go? Now, thanks to a research team of the University of California, we know the answer: the oil spill--some 10 million gallons of coagulated oil--left an oily "bathtub ring" on the sea floor of the Gulf of Mexico, thats about the size of Holland.


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