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Hightech: The Next Industrial Revolution


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Environment: Chinese Pollution (03/20/14 17:34)

The dismal reality of China's pollution problem is put in context by this chart.

Hightech: Printed Houses (03/08/14 12:06)

The first bricks of a canal house in Amsterdam have been printed, bringing the world a step closer to 3D-printed buildings. Dutch architects are taking things full-scale with a life-size, habitable canal house.

Renewables: New Biofuel (02/20/14 11:51)

Scientists from Osaka University and the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology presented their “biofuel cell”: cockroach power.

Renewables: The Sugar Battery (02/12/14 12:46)

Researchers have developed a battery that runs on sugar, emits only water, is refillable and biodegradable, and has more energy-storage density than lithium ion batteries.

Materials: Graphene Gets A Cousin (02/01/14 12:30)

Researchers discovered a type of sodium bismuthate (Na3Bi) in a quantum matter form called 3DTDS, and apparently it’s something scientists have been looking for since they first got so excited about graphene.

Exhaling Onto Your Phone (01/24/14 18:10)

A nickel alloy wind turbine that's approximately 1.8 milimeters in diameter--the smallest working windmill yet constructed--could eventually be worked into panels that power your smartphone.

Renewables: Fuel Cell Cars (01/13/14 20:24)

The promise of hydrogen fuel cell cars is some way off.

Waste Management (01/06/14 16:33)

According to a new report, in 2012, every man, woman, and child in the US hauled a 30 kg bag of E-waste to the curb. That's six times more than someone in China, and ten times the average Indian's haul. 

Renewables: Few Alternatives (01/01/14 13:14)

A new report coming out of Yale University’s School of Forestry and Environmental Studies shows there are few if any substitutes at this time for many metals critical to our gadgets, smartphones, computers, and vehicles.

Thermionics (12/27/13 15:41)

An old method of electricity generation--thermionic generation--is revived in the hope of reaching substantially higher efficiencies.


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