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Hightech: The Next Industrial Revolution
Energy: The Race Is Getting Hot


What is Taskforcing®?

What do you mean by “Project Landscape”?


What is your energy cost as a percentage of total cost?

What do your customers value the most?


The Braess Paradox Revisited (09/07/15 11:20)

New roads don't fix traffic. In fact, they often make it worse.  

The End of the Startup Boom? (09/07/15 11:17)

The stock market, after going nowhere for a year and then jumping up and down like mad, might actually, after all these years, give up its bullish ghost and head south. That would imperil the entire startup scene. It happens after every boom.

Nanotechnology (08/23/15 09:34)

SP Nano, a specialist in nanotechnology for enhanced textiles and composite materials, has received $850,000 in grant funding.

IT Security: Internet Freedom (08/17/15 09:37)

"The dream of Internet freedom is ... dying," said attorney and civil liberties expert Jennifer Granick during her keynote speech before a major computer security conference.

The Ancient Custom of Gleaning (08/17/15 09:35)

Can we see the return of gleaning in one of its many possible forms? And, if so, will it be useful for something, for instance to solve the waste problem?

Climate Change and "Super Memes" (08/07/15 12:31)

Why it is so difficult to create effective climate memes that carry the right message: climate science is not simple, the villain is us, and the story is disquieting, rather than reassuring.

Biotech Correction (08/07/15 12:17)

Biotech stocks drop 11% from the highs, and are now officially in correction territory.

The Impossible Takes a Little Longer ... (08/07/15 12:10)

... Lexus launches first-ever hoverboard.

Why Startups Fail (02/09/15 17:17)

If your company’s name is too long, doesn’t have techy words, and isn’t in Silicon Valley, you may be in trouble.

Hightech: Loss-Making Billionaires (01/27/15 19:03)

Here are 16 internet firms worth billions despite losing loads of money.


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