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Energy: The Race Is Getting Hot
Hightech: The Next Industrial Revolution


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O&G: Oil Scam Continues (12/20/10 17:20)

There is a huge scam in the global energy markets and it has been going on since the "Commodity Futures Modernization Act" of 2000 took away virtually all regulation.

Capitalism: The Free Market Myth (12/18/10 09:10)

"The idea that market forces alone led to the West's success is nonsense".  Stephen D. King, HSBC chief economist

Eurozone: Call for Expression Of Interest For Undertakers (12/15/10 12:25)

Oddly enough, it comes as a surprise to Europe's leaders that a choice must be made between the twin traumas of EMU break-up or giving up their countries.

Metals: Problems Of Delivery (12/09/10 19:02)

There have now been various cases where banks refused delivery or at least postponed it substantially.

Metals: Copper Market Cornered (12/04/10 21:05)

The American investment bank JP Morgan is the mystery trader that grabbed more than half the copper on the London Metal Exchange. Apparently, JPM is getting so nervous about Max Keiser's "Crash JP Morgan Buy Silver" drive that they attempt to stem the probable massive losses incurred via its silver short.


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