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Hightech: The Next Industrial Revolution
Energy: The Race Is Getting Hot


What do you mean by “Project Landscape”?

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What is your energy cost as a percentage of total cost?

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Across Sectors
Search for Western buyers, investors and JV partners for East German companies & production facilities, under a program of Treuhandanstalt.
Food, Durable Consumer Goods, Mech. Engineering

Across Sectors
Business Upgrading of 12 medium-sized companies across sectors; under a program of the European Commission.
Electronics, Food & Drink, Mech. Engineering, Paper Machinery

Advising the No 2 world-wide in the potential take-over of a leading manufacturer in the tire industry. Enhanced Due Diligence, restructuring and turnaround plans.

Change Management; Value Chain Performance
Process Optimization and waste elimination for the world’s number 3 car manufacturer.

Just-in-Time, supply chain integration, both production- as well as administrative Kaizen for a leading truck manufacturer.

Project Management – Logistics
Injection of relevant PM tools; structuring of project. Know-how transfer for Global logistics, leading cement producer.

Cement / Aggregates
Strategic M&A Preparation
Market Research for the No 1 cement producer worldwide as the base to enter new markets

Cement / Aggregates
Market Build-up / Roll-out
In-depth Market & Feasibility study to gauge market potential in all major regions in Europe; for the No 1 cement producer worldwide.

Advised the No1 Scandinavian chemicals group on the acquisition of German companies in the fine chemical & plastic sectors.

Advising larger-scale SME on multi-sourced export credit financing for the upgrade of chemical plant.

Strategy Formulation & Change Potential
Opportunity-Strengths Domains for a subsidiary of Germany's No 1 electronic concern.

Diversification; Market Research
Global Competition Study and New Product Development for national engineering giant. Production Diversification.

Energy Generation
Market Research; Business Planning
Feasibility and project evaluation to create a new holding company for Technicatome. Business Plan for “Stacks” production.

Energy Machinery
Advised the No 2 Scandinavian engineering conglomerate on the prospects of entering strategic markets including the search for corporate acquisitions in the energy sector.

Hydraulics & Pneumatics
Advised the global No 5 on the acquisition of companies in the hydraulics & pneumatic sectors.

Major overhaul of Production System; Lean Production
From mass production to one-piece flow system.  Just-in-Time, first-in, first-out; Kaizen, Continuous Improvement, 5S for workers.

Machinery / Automotive
Strategic Audit; Market Studies
Reorganization of the mechanical business unit at group level ot the national No 2. Audit of 6 group companies and various in-depth Market Research.

Optimization of Supply Chain
Streamlining of supplier base; network management, warehousing.  Critical Mass concept; national centralization vs regional decentralization.

Turn-Key Power Stations
Strategy Formulation & Change Potential
Project definition; Resource reconciliation & -allocation; Opportunity / Strengths Domains for a leading provider of turn-key power stations.


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