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Recycling Renewables (01/29/13 19:30)

Chemical engineers have created a new, cleaner fuel out of an old concoction that was once used to make explosives. The fuel, which uses a century-old fermentation process to transform plant material into a propellant, could eventually replace gasoline and drastically cut down on greenhouse gas emissions.

Rare Metals (01/15/13 18:52)

The U.S. and Canada has been experiencing a shortage of barium sulfate, which is used as contrast for upper and lower GI studies. It has reached the point where doctors are being asked not to order these exams except in emergencies, and some exams are being cancelled.

Biofuel Shenanigans (01/09/13 17:03)

Wondering why rail traffic has been surprisingly consistent despite uncertainty? Concerned at government's tenticular reach into each and every aspect of our lives? This stunning anecdotal report from might shed some light:

Energy: Faustian Bargains (12/30/12 15:26)

We are not destined to see the geo-strategic map redrawn in favour of the West as a result of shale energy. Instead, we are going to be facing some very hard decisions on rationing scarce resources for the foreseeable future, and we are going to be doing it in a time of deepening financial crisis.

Energy: Wooden Towers (12/25/12 10:31)

A German firm takes a hint from the Dutch 17th century: wind mills.  Google Translation 

Renewables (12/18/12 12:13)

Renewable energy could fully power a large electric grid 99.9 percent of the time by 2030 at costs comparable to today's electricity expenses, according to new research by the University of Delaware.

R&D: Germany's Industry (12/15/12 12:34)

The Germans invest in R&D--or do they? Google Translation

Carbon Fibers (12/11/12 17:11)

Carbon is a beacon of hope in the automotive industry: firm as steel, but light as a feather--even children can raise body parts. But the material is very expensive. Now BMW has built its first factory in the USA.

Nanotechnology (12/08/12 13:10)

The brothers Grimm described it, U.S. researchers developed it: a container to be filled. Only it is not a magic pot of sweet porridge, but a water bottle.

Carbon Foot Print: Doha (02) (12/05/12 10:49)

The planet must not be allowed to warm beyond 2 degrees Celsius, according to the official targets at the Climate Change Conference in Doha. But a new study shows the goal is far from realistic. Current human activity is set to increase the temperature by some 5 degrees, and the consequences will be dire.


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