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Energy: The Race Is Getting Hot
Hightech: The Next Industrial Revolution


What is Taskforcing®?

What do you mean by “Project Landscape”?


What do your customers value the most?

What is your energy cost as a percentage of total cost?


In Short

The Company
Leader of the EU network, Advisers and Senior Managers
Distinguishing Marks : Advise --> Train --> Implement


The Mission
» Optimize Resource Usage (reduce waste)
» Speed up Time-to-Market (increase revenues)
» Fill the Gap (grasp the opportunity)
» Enhance RoI (speed up payback)


The Offer
» Analysis of the Actual State of Affairs
» Formulation & implementation of measures
» Process optimization
» Idea finding / Team creativity
» Deliver Training; Taskforcing®
» Formulation of Marketing Plans
» Supply Chain optimization
» Milestones / Follow-up


The Model
Energy based on fossil fuels is getting scarcer as well as more expensive. The same goes for raw materials of all sorts. It is therefore vital to apply the most efficient processes available in the usage of energy and/or raw materials. With our Energy-Savings-Program (ESP®) and our Resource-Efficiency-Scheme (RES®) we help industry to reduce waste on all fronts. We also service clients with our Time-to-Market Optimization (TMO®) programs. Great losses in revenue may ensue due to delays from idea to prototype. With our TMO, these issue are worries of the past.


Value Proposition
Implementative consulting. Our intervention ensures excellent return on investments and reduces payback periods; this we achieve by waste reduction on the resource front and by substantially improving time-to-market processes. By contracting our Europe Funds division we bring in international support so that our fees as well as project-related investments will be funded properly.


The Remuneration



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