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Energy: A FLiNG Ain't What It Used To Be (12/04/12 19:02)

There was a time when flings (insert personal contextual experience) used to be simple, impromptu, largely trivial things seeking instant gratification. That was until Shell's Floating Liquid Natural Gas facility, or FLiNG, came along: currently being built in the South Korean shipyards.

Resources: One Lonely Good Development (12/03/12 12:44)

The deforestation of the Brazilian Amazon rainforest has fallen to its lowest level since 1988. The government speaks of the "only good environmental message this year".  Google Translation

Hightech: Tunable Light Bulbs (12/02/12 10:06)

Electronics giant Philips just launched the Hue bulb, which can be tuned using a smartphone or tablet computer to bathe a room in almost any colour of light.

Renewables: Solar-To-Steam (12/01/12 16:57)

Scientists have unveiled a revolutionary new technology that uses nanoparticles to convert solar energy directly into steam.

Carbon Foot Print: Doha (11/28/12 11:34)

The United Nations Climate Change Conference is turning into a farce. While negotiators are sticking to the goal of limiting global warming to 2 degrees Celsius, even climatologists admit that the project has failed.

Energy: Pumped Storage Stations (11/26/12 15:38)

Germany is investigating so-called pumped storage power plants to store electricity in large quantities--underground.  (Google Translation)

Solar Flares (11/24/12 15:50)

Why the US government spent trillions on wars but cannot find US$ 100 million to harden the electrical grid against solar flares.

Cleantech: River Revival (11/23/12 11:40)

A massive project is bringing life back to Europe's dirtiest river and diverting the sewage into an ultra-modern, underground drain complete with water elevators and cleaning robots.

Renewables: First Solar-Powered Island (11/21/12 11:44)

The remote islands of Tokelau have become the first territory in the world to be powered by the sun.

Greenhouse Gases: Record High (11/20/12 17:39)

A massive 34 billion tons of carbon dioxide were emitted in 2011.  (Google Translation)


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