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Hightech: The Next Industrial Revolution
Energy: The Race Is Getting Hot


What do you mean by “Project Landscape”?

What is Taskforcing®?


What do your customers value the most?

What is your energy cost as a percentage of total cost?


Business Upgrading
Modernization & Professionalization of 12 medium-sized companies across sectors; under a program of the European Commission Business Diagnosis, Planning & Strategy.

Financial Instruments
Advise the European Commission on common practices & standards for financial instruments and Co-financing schemes

Identification of SME finance
Advise the European Commission on policy, structure and operation to establish a large funding & development schemes for SMEs.

Lean Management
Process Optimization; Waste Elimination, Client Orientation & administrative Kaizen for a host of leading insurers, IFAs and HMOs.

SME Development
Elaborate and advise the management of DG IA on a new concept for an umbrella SME development & funding scheme in all Central European Countries; with emphasis on direct equity investment.

SME Survival
Survival strategy for an SME media house. Elaboration of strategic options, HR planning; and market outlook.

Survival Measures
Ensure survival via a strategic business plan & installation of MIS for a major Project Management Unit. Turnaround platform; survival strategies.


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