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Resource Efficiency: 'Planned Recession' (08/09/12 10:58)

Countries may have to stop building airports, switch to electric cars and shut down coal-fired power stations as part of a "planned recession" to avoid dangerous climate change.

Becalmed: Wind Orders Die Down (08/05/12 09:39)

Global orders for wind turbines plummeted 30 percent in the first half of 2012 compared to the same period a year ago.

Atomic Energy: SILEX (08/05/12 09:37)

A controversial nuclear technology is raising alarms bells among critics who claim it may be better suited for making nuclear weapons than lowering the cost of nuclear power and could lead to a nonproliferation “Fukushima”.

New Energy Sources (08/05/12 09:12)

Kirk Sorensen, a NASA-trained engineer, is a man on a mission to open minds to the tremendous promise that thorium, a near-valueless element in today's marketplace, may offer in meeting future world energy demand.

Energy: Inefficient Biofuels (08/04/12 16:14)

German researchers have unveiled evidence suggesting that EU claims, according to which locally-produced rapeseed biodiesel cut back at least 38% of greenhouse gases (GHG) compared with fossil fuels, are unfounded.

Resource Efficiency: Food & Drink (07/29/12 17:11)

Food and drink companies in the UK have cut their water use by about 14.5% across nearly 280 manufacturing sites over the last four years, despite increasing production.

Olympic Sustainability (07/29/12 16:59)

Some notes on the sustainable features of the venues and services supporting the event.

Atomic Power: More Closures (07/29/12 16:51)

The Belgian government has announced the complete schedule for the forced closure of the country's nuclear power plants, claiming that the move will "create a favourable investment climate" to replace the 50% of domestic power supply that stands to be lost.

Solar Power: Antidumping (07/29/12 16:50)

Germany's environment ministry is considering launching anti-dumping proceedings against China over its financial support for solar power firms amid a bitter price war in the industry that has left many German panel producers fighting for survival.

Energy: The Race Is Getting Hot (07/13/12 16:09)

Malaysia's state-owned oil and gas company just made a multibillion-dollar bet that Canada will choose to export its shale gas riches. Petronas is putting US$ 5.5 billion on the table--far more than it has ever spent on an acquisition before.


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