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Hi-Tech: Capacitors vs Lithium Ion Batteries (06/13/11 07:28)

Capacitors are allegedly perfect for transportation in all areas but one; claims this article.

Hi-Tech: Cancer Risks (06/01/11 16:58)

Now even the WHO, not usually known for its environmental credences, admits that cell phones pose a cancer risk.

USA (Local Colour): Back To Muscle Power (05/21/11 15:37)

Farmers across America ditch tractors for oxen in a bid to beat rising fuel prices.

Commodities: What Caused The 'Crash' In Crude? (05/09/11 18:25)

Very good analysis by Reuters as to what likely caused the crash in oil and other commodities end of last week.

Energy: German 'Wertarbeit' Myth Debunked (03/26/11 08:27)

Germany's nuclear power plants suffer from serious safety deficits, with inadequate protections against earthquakes, plane crashes and cyber attacks.

Aerospace: Lessons On Outsourcing (02/22/11 20:28)

The 787 "Dreamliner" is billions of dollars over budget and about three years late.  Outsourcing seems to be the root cause for much of these troubles.

Shipping: 35 Miles Of New Vessels (01/12/11 12:04)

The world's dry bulk shipping industry is experiencing an unprecedented supply glut of coal/ore carriers, which has resulted in the Baltic Dry index dropping below 1,500 for the first time since 2009.

Global Crisis: Monetary Debate (01/07/11 18:05)

Apart from inflation, deflation, and stagflation, we now seem to get "MixedFlation" and "ExportFlation".  No end in sight ...

Econ 101: The Water Analogy (12/24/10 15:14)

This author makes a pretty good case how money can be explained in terms of water.

Metals: Copper Market Cornered (Update) (12/22/10 09:27)

As reported earlier, JP Morgan has been very active in the copper market.  It now turns out that the firms holds far more than initially expected, namely close to 90% of LME copper.


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