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Energy: The Race Is Getting Hot
Hightech: The Next Industrial Revolution


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Internet "Giants": Full of Holes (01/21/15 19:34)

With Uber fighting for its life in many of the world’s most valuable markets, it’s no surprise the company is looking for any way to appeal to global regulators and consumers alike. The company’s latest hype, currently on full display in Europe, is to tout its impact as a "job creator".

Renewables: Waste for Graphene (01/19/15 19:12)

A project funded by the EU is looking into how food waste could be turned into something useful. The Plas​Carb project aims to transform methane created by the anaerobic digestion of food waste into something more desirable: graphene and renewable hydrogen.

Power Plants: Physics of Champagne (01/03/15 15:45)

A better understanding of champagne and soda bubbles may lead to several real-world advances, such as more efficient power production.

Energy: The Fallacy of Lower Oil Prices (01/03/15 15:19)

Lower energy prices do not lead to higher Personal Consumption Expenditures (PCE).

IT Security: The Tor Dilemma (12/31/14 11:14)

Tor’s developers are asking those users to continue trusting their lives to a network that we now understand can easily be compromised by a small group of hackers or a handful of G-men with a warrant. Moreover, no one in the Tor community seems to fully understand where the network’s vulnerabilities lay, nor do they have any concrete plan for fixing them.

Hightech: The Marvelous Uber Valuation (12/11/14 11:10)

Just a week after raising capital implying a US$ 40 billion-plus valuation, Uber is coming under significant pressure as their operations are banned in various nations, death threats in others, and some of its drivers were accused of committing crimes against customers and the public. It seems that increasingly Uber's disruption is being disrupted...

Privacy: Google Is at it Again (12/10/14 13:21)

Google has a habit of overstepping the limits of what consumers will allow it to learn about them only to blame the problem on a technical issue when it’s caught.

Time Cloaking Encryption (12/01/14 19:13)

What could be a better encryption strategy than erasing the information from history itself?

The Silicon Valley Mirror (12/01/14 19:09)

"There’s probably no other place more enthralled with its own state of being today than Silicon Valley. The tech capital might be believing their own hype more even than in the “glory days” of the 90’s".  Mark St. Cyr

Peak Population (12/01/14 19:06)

There are certain realities we will have to face. Here are just some of the issues:
- By 2025, 1.8 billion people will be living in countries or regions with absolute water scarcity.
- The United States uses 1 million gallons of oil every 2 minutes.
- The marginal cost of producing oil and metals has never been higher.
- Food prices are skyrocketing, and availability of essential nutrients (like phosphorus) needed to grow food is becoming scarcer.
- Governments continue to create new currency and debt at unprecedented and unsustainable levels.
- Potential collapses in biodiversity and changes in our climate.


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